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G.A.V. & Associates has worked with owners, builders and developers throughout southeast Michigan. Our experience with residential design and construction and our vast array of completed homes allows you to choose any style and price range of development. During this process, we will continually keep your budget in mind and in line so that we are able to complete the final phase of your developmentā€”the construction of your residence. As construction administrators, we stay with you to ensure design and construction excellence.

The proof is in the details. Whether you prefer Traditional, Neoclassic, Mediterranean, Contemporary, French or English design, you’ll enjoy stunning attention to detail, lavish design and cutting-edge floor plans. Our dedication to providing you with the custom home design you’ve always dreamed of is matched only by our personal service to you.

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West Bloomfield, Michigan
5,543 sf, 3,218 sf finished walk-out

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Orchard Lake, Michigan

[wr_vc_section_heading featyretype=”st2″ title=”Samona Residence” title2=”Services”][/wr_vc_section_heading]

Orchard Lake Village, Michigan
9,000 sf

[wr_vc_section_heading featyretype=”st2″ title=”Toma Residence” title2=”Services”][/wr_vc_section_heading]

West Bloomfield, Michigan
5,462 sf, 3,825 st finished walk-out

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Bloomfield Township, Michigan