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Inspiration fosters learning. Designing inspiration into educational buildings is a G.A.V. & Associates specialty. Our educational projects range from interior spaces to entire schools to individual classrooms and libraries. With each project, we develop an in-depth understanding of students, instructor and administrative needs. Blending those needs with extraordinary design is the catalyst for designing a dynamic building. Throughout the process of planning and designing charter schools, private schools, daycare centers and multi-use facilities, G.A.V. & Associates implements strict adherence to budget, timetables and value engineering. Many factors, including rapidly changing educational technology, demand innovation and flexibility within rigid budget constraints. This is where G.A.V. & Associates teams up with your personnel to create the educational environment that children and young adults require to become highly educated members of a complex marketplace of employment and social demands.

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Ann Arbor, Michigan

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Pontiac, Michigan

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Dearborn Heights, Michigan
36,000 sf